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Largo Arts Week 2022
Painting Competition

Painting Competition 2023

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Sponsored by Afordable Arts


Once again Largo will host it’s popular annual Painting Challenge as part of Largo Arts Week 23.


On Thursday 20th July artists of all experiences are invited to join us in and around Largo to produce a drawing or painting of this inspiring landscape.


Prizes will be awarded for various age and subject categories.


After choosing a location, each artist has a day to create their artwork. They use their own materials and work in any style, medium or size they wish.


Registration will open at 9.00am until 11.00am at the Crusoe Hotel where we ask you pay a nominal fee of £3. Your paper/canvas or sketchpad will be stamped. Kids under 16 yrs old enter for free.


Completed works will be received between 4.00 and 5.30pm  


Judging will take place at 6.00pm

Painting Competition 2022 Results


Adult Joint Public Vote Winner - Henry Knowles
Prize - Paint Set & Sketchpad


Adult Joint Public Vote Winner - Julie Ramage 
Prize - Paint Set & Sketchpad


Kids Winner - Quinn Simpson 
Prize - Stabilo Woody Chunky Coloured Pencils & Sketchpad plus Ice cream from Andy’s Shop


Kids Runners Up - Struan Simpson 
Prize - £10 & Ice cream from Andy’s Shop


Kids Runners Up - Summer Murray
Prize - £10 & Ice cream from Andy’s


Kids Runners Up - Scarlett Hogan
Prize - £10 & Ice cream from Andy’s


Depiction of The Railway Inn
Winner - Christopher Graham
Prize - £20 voucher for spend in The Railway Inn


Depiction of The Upper Largo Hotel
Winner - Gregor Roden
Prize - £20 voucher for spend in The Upper Largo Hotel


Depiction of the Crusoe
Winner - Annette Thomson
( never said it had to be the hotel!), we just loved this entry. 
Prize - £20 voucher for spend in The Crusoe


Depiction of The Aurrie
Winner - Lorien Cantwell
Prize - £20 voucher for spend in The Aurrie

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